Jumping Fitness KIDS is coming

For a long time a lot of Jumping Fitness trainer have been kept asking us, how about Jumping Fitness for kids? Some trainers with experience in training kids tested Jumping with kids before and of course both kids and parents have been pretty excited.

In short, the interest is huge, so that we decided with beginning of this year working out the details of an exact and especially effective concept for kids.

And now we are happy presenting our concept supported by Safs&Beta.

“Movement is fun!”

Jumping Fitness KIDS bei Nicole Rudolf in Lauffen am Neckar

Jumping Fitness KIDS at Fit with Nicole in Lauffen/Neckar

On 22.10.2016 we were starting our first Jumping Fitness KIDS trainer’s education in Berlin. This education is an additional module of our Jumping Fitness Basic training with a one day workshop. When Jumping with kids there is one big difference: fun is the most important aspect, but that’s no problem for Jumping Fitness! 🙂

Movement for the kids’ development

We divided three age groups depending on the kids’ physical and motor development: 5-8 years, 9-12 years and the teens from 13 years and asked ourselves:

How can we teach stamina, coordination, concentration and cooperation as well as stimulate their physical and mental abilities. How can we teach our kids some important things for life with having a lot of fun?

Learning with movement

All our work and research depending on different stages of development as well as various requirements concluded in one result:

Learning needs movement. Kids are learning with movement. Therefore we provide in our concept multifaceted examples for games and physical activities to improve health.       

Fun and taking responsibility does fit together!

Jumping Fitness KIDS bei Fit mit Nicole in Lauffen am Neckar

Jumping Fitness KIDS at Fit with Nicole in Lauffen/Neckar

Of course it’s important not to get injured, so explanations to use and functionality of the trampoline are focused.

But the most important aspects of all is having fun and showing the kids how exciting sport and movement is. The best evidence is the bright smile on the kid’s faces.


And even their parents had a great time 🙂



Practical innovation meets trendy sport accessory

What else do you need for Jumping except a trampoline? A lot of water? Definitely! Good vibes? Of course! What else? Correct! A towell! Here we would like to present a very special one!

Who of you doesn’t know the typical problems in the gym: Where to put the member card of the gym?Where to store the MP3-player? Which side of the towell did you use for drying your face? For all those and so many more questions and small gym problems the great team of THINKS designed an innovative and useful towell. This TOWELL+ turned out to be the most popular towell for sport activities within just a few months.

KOOPERATION Jumping Fitness und TOWELL+

This sport towell isn’t just looking great, but it’s very useful with all the extras. The modern and elegant towell is available in different colours. Its numerous details provide simple solutions for questions of the daily gym routine.

Why is TOWELL+ so special?

  • bag for storing trainings accessories
  • magnet clip for hanging up at fitness devices
  • protection for avoiding the towell to slide from fitness devices etc.
  • extra mobile case for fast access during the workout
  • side for fitness device and body: different towell sides for more hygiene when doing sports

KOOPERATION Jumping Fitness und TOWELL+

  • dimensions: 90 cm x 40 cm
  • weight: 300g
  • washability: washable at 60°, not suited for the dryer
  • material: the towell consists of 100% cotton.
  • magnet clip: made from synthetic leather and polyester
  • touch sensitive mesh: using mobile comfortable while remaining in the mesh

More information about this ultimate fitness accessory, about prices and all the creative brains behind this great product you find here.

Jumping Fitness meets Stylight.de

Stylight visiting Jumping Fitness

Jumping Fitness goes to Munich!

In this lovely bavarian city Larissa Weiss, blogger of Stylight http://www.stylight.de, and her colleague Denise had the chance to fulfill a huge dream of their childhood 😉 

Both were invited by our cooperation partner Nautilus Fitness for joining a Jumping Fitness session.

Jumping Fitness trainer Dana Ferenc showed all participants how intense and exhausting but great Jumping is.

Fotos © Stylight

Photos © Stylight

Power woman Dana supported us actively on our convention stage in Erding at Pure Emotion DFAV – Convention. And everyone who watched Ninja Warrior Germany, could spot her and her son.

We just know her as total power lady with a lot of energy when doing sports and especially Jumping Fitness. So Larissa’s and Denise’s first Jumping class was of course just as energetic and exhausting. Dana offers a complete program for every single muscle in the body.

Fotos © Stylight

Photos © Stylight

So let’s go!

Here you have an insight into Larissa’s and Denise’s first Jumping experience (in german).


Many thanks from Berlin for this great report and the kind and honest words. It was a pleasure for us and Dana having you in the Jumping session. And now, maybe you are also infected by the Jumping Fitness virus 😉

There’s just one thing left to say: Sweaty and happy! What else do you need? 😉

Everyone who is curious to try Jumping Fitness as well, here you find all classes in Munich and the rest of Germany: https://app.gymflow.com/courses/

Jumping Fitness Refreshing Day Berlin

What a weekend!

Last saturday Jumping Fitness instructors from all over Germany met for our first Jumping Fitness Refreshing Day in Berlin to refresh their skills, to show them, to get new input and a lot of inspiration.

The sun is shining, the sky is blue, everyone is in a good mood for enjoying one hole day filled with Jumping Fitness. For a great start at 9:15 we offered some coffee, cereals and fruits before we started our first energetic class.


For this event we got great support by our master trainer Antonia Westphal, Julia Legowska and Salva Oliva, who took care for sharing and passing useful knowledge with all their fire, inspiration, ideas and power.

Masterclass Julia

Also theoretical issues were discussed, like for example “cueing”, the structure of a Jumping session and many more questions about Jumping Fitness could be asked and discussed. After lunch there was a practical lesson for the trainers, where they could show their skills. After that our master trainers gave some feedback. At his point we would like to thank our lovely master trainer Sissi, who watched the class and helped the trainers with giving useful tips and advice.


In matters of “refreshing” we would also like to thank our sponsors Original Source and FOS Drinks! So this was definitely the most tasting and most smelling sport event ever 😉

All our trainers loved the natural, vegan shower gel without any animal experiment. So many thanks to Original Source, that you made it possible. And last but not least thank you a lot to Alexander Strauß and his team from FOS Drinks, that provided us with the refreshing and delicious BCAA-Drink FOS. Not to sweet and definitely refreshing!!

FOS Drinks

In the end of the day there is nothing left to say, but it was an amazing day with a lot of fun, great people, an inspiring atmosphere and new input and ideas. So at last we would like to thank all people supporting the event just because of their love to Jumping Fitness.

Thanks, thaaaanks, thaaaaank you so much!!

And of course THANKS to all the master trainers and the gorgeous people with positive vibes and energy!

What else is there to say??


A “party” in Holland

You really can call it a “Party”. Or better, “Jumping Party”. The people at Buiten Adem Sportfestival have been so crazy about Jumping, that all six sessions have been sold out quickly.


10 trampolines have been kept free for people coming spontaneously, but already after the second Jumping session it was not possible anymore. A lot of people wanted to be on a waiting list and after the third session all interested people needed to sign in immediately for the last Jumping session in the evening, because there was no other possibility. There was a short discussion, if it’s organisational possible to start a 7th round, but unfortunately it was not possible because of the plan of the festival. Some people were even standing next to the trampolines joining the Jumping classes.


It was a lot of fun for our Jumping Fitness instructors with all the lovely people, the amazing festival, that took place for the first time. We had a great time especially because all the people loved Jumping Fitness as much as we do!

And now as we know that our lovely neighbors from Holland love Jumping Fitness, it’s a pleasure for us coming back next year to the Buiten Adem Sportfestival.

And we promise to bring more trampolines for you! 😉

Many thanks to the organisation team Anne-Berit Harmsen and Colinda de Jong as well as thanks so much to all people jumping with us! You have been amazing! And last but not least, thank you so much, dear Selke Siering from Jumping Netherlands, who was responsible for this great event.

Jumping Fitness. We present ourselves.

Today we will present you our wonderful Sissi from the Jumping Fitness Team.


Sissi is Regional Manager of Jumping Fitness in the western region of Germany and responsible for a lot of cooperations, trainer’s educations as well as for the hole course planning in this region.

Hello Sissi, how do you get in contact with new cooperation partners or how can people get in contact with you?

People tell me personally, on phone, via e-mail or in facebook about their desired locations, where Jumping Fitness should be offered. According to that kind of information i examine the region and all the gyms in every single city in that area.

Which gyms are interesting for you?

The most important questions are space and equipment of the gym, the infrastructure around the gym. At the same time i’m asking in facebook for interested trainers who would like to become Jumping Fitness instructors, to start something new, to develop themselves.

How is everything going after?

The interested people apply, present themselves and take part in a free Jumping session with me. After that they are part of a future trainer’s team for coming locations. In case we have some trainers for one region, i contact the gyms in order to present our cooperation system. If the cooperation is fix, there will be a combination of trainers… some of our trainer team, some from the gym. Then, the trainer’s participate in the trainer’s education, currently in parts with me as mastertrainer 🙂

How do the Jumping Fitness classes become part of the course plan of the gym?

Sometimes the gym takes care of the course planning itself, in some cases i care for it as well as for the course coordination, substitutes, etc.

This seems to be a lot of work. And after closing the cooperation with the gym your work is done?

No, of course not 🙂 After closing the cooperation promotion is very important. I do my best promoting the new locations, either directly in the location, in facebook, print media, via Jumping Fitness promotions or by giving flyers. Sometimes there is additionally Marketing via TV or special events. I plan for example an opening for every new start, where i try to take part in or even manage actively as a trainer.

And after the opening? Will you remain the contact person for the Jumping Fitness instructors in your region? 

Yes, of course, i am the contact person for the trainers during the hole time (administration stuff, list of Jumping classes, invoices, problems, questions,…) as well as for the cooperation partners. Regularly i organise team meetings with the trainers; basically for spending time together, but also for trainings, where we discuss current topics or complaints (How should a trainer act and behave, criticism, praise). Our next meeting will be bigger and more special as we are planning to do Jumping all together, so that all Jumping Fitness instructors can learn from each other.

And what else is there left for you to do? For example in the daily courses? 
There are all kind of questions from the Jumping Fitness participants or Gyms, like booking courses, cancelling, booking a new class, “how can i sign in” etc.! Then i do the complaints management, in case there is something to complain about 🙂 If i’m not the mastertrainer of a trainer’s education, i’m at least there as support the trainings in my region. Mostly it’s about organisational stuff, being contact person in the location and all the other small things, that are left. And last but not least, Social Media via Facebook needs a lot of work and time.
Is there anything else left for you to say?
This job is awesome, it’s so much fun and very diversified. All participants and trainers and sometimes even the boss 😛 are giving so much back in return, so that it’s all worth it.
Dear Sissi, thank you a lot for your answers and all the information. 
To everyone who is interested in Jumping Fitness in NRW, just contact Sissi directly via [email protected]!
Have an amazing time with Jumping Fitness!

Amazing weekend filled with Jumping

At first congratulations to all new Jumping Fitness trainers from Munich and Frechen!

Jumping Fitness Ausbildung Frechen

Jumping Fitness trainer’s education in Frechen with Sissi

After that there was a three hours Jumping Fitness Session in Holmesplace, Ostkreuz in Berlin.

And now everyone’s getting ready for next weekend, when we will be in Utrecht at Buiten Adam Sportsfestival with 40 trampolines.

For all Berlin people, you have the great chance to jump on the terrace of Holmes Place in Steglitz – 100 trampolines, 5 hours! Everyone who is signed in Jumping Fitness can register in this event and book a trampoline.

Many thanks to Stefan Heder, responsible for this marathon-tour, which will have a great and happy ending coming saturday!


Have a great time with Jumping Fitness!



Jumping Fitness going to lovely Holland


On 29th August the first Buiten Adem Utrecht takes place. Translated it means “out of breath” and this won’t be any problem for us 😉

Organised by Anne-Berit Harmsen and Colinda de Jong. Both are pretty excited how their event will be going end of august.

The Jumping Fitness team at least knows exactly that the dutch people love Jumping. Our Jumping trainers Selke Siering, Caroline Seidig, Marcia Domanski and Stephanie Blass are looking forward to that event. Actually we wanted to jump very relaxed with 25 trampolines from 1-7 pm. In order to know, how many people are interested, we left some lists for signing up for the Jumping sessions. After only 30 minutes these lists were full. For all six sessions. Of course our trainers Selke Siering, Caroline Seidig, Marcia Domanski and Stephanie Blass are very happy taking place in that event.

And what is there left to say? We will definitely take 15 more trampolines with us, that everyone has the possibility to jump 😉


Jumping Fitness now in Potsdam


After a lot of months and many requests, we are very happy to welcome Potsdam officially as new location for Jumping Fitness. On 5th August we are starting there with our cooperation partner, FH Potsdam, where we will offer three Jumping Fitness classes per week. Every wednesday 8 pm, thursday 5:30 pm and friday 4:30 pm.

The classes will take place at FH Potsdam at Alten Markt in the sport center of the university: Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 4, 14467 Potsdam.

You find all information in our course plan for Potsdam. There you can directly book your preferred class. Just bring sport or fitness shoes, a towell and a lot to drink 🙂

Have an amazing time on the trampoline! 

10. Dance- & Wellness-Day at Bodensee

On 4th July hundreds of fitness fans have been welcomed in Kreuzlingen (CH) at Bodensee. Both hot temperatures and a hot event have been forecast! Not too much promised.. We organised our 200 trampolines for two powerful Jumping sessions.

This event was the perfect location and opportunity for testing the new MoveYa-Jumping-CD that is coming soon. We can’t hardly wait for the CD getting ready for sale.

To the first session we welcomed more than 200 Jumping-Fans and some more people testing Jumping for the first time. Every time a trampoline got free, it got occupied in the next second.. in spite of 38°!

Even the second and last session of the day was totally full. Crazy people jumping in the hot sun and 38° 😉

We would like to say thank you to all organisers and participants for this fantastic event!!