10. Dance- & Wellness-Day at Bodensee

On 4th July hundreds of fitness fans have been welcomed in Kreuzlingen (CH) at Bodensee. Both hot temperatures and a hot event have been forecast! Not too much promised.. We organised our 200 trampolines for two powerful Jumping sessions.

This event was the perfect location and opportunity for testing the new MoveYa-Jumping-CD that is coming soon. We can’t hardly wait for the CD getting ready for sale.

To the first session we welcomed more than 200 Jumping-Fans and some more people testing Jumping for the first time. Every time a trampoline got free, it got occupied in the next second.. in spite of 38°!

Even the second and last session of the day was totally full. Crazy people jumping in the hot sun and 38° 😉

We would like to say thank you to all organisers and participants for this fantastic event!!