Jumping Fitness Refreshing Day Berlin

What a weekend!

Last saturday Jumping Fitness instructors from all over Germany met for our first Jumping Fitness Refreshing Day in Berlin to refresh their skills, to show them, to get new input and a lot of inspiration.

The sun is shining, the sky is blue, everyone is in a good mood for enjoying one hole day filled with Jumping Fitness. For a great start at 9:15 we offered some coffee, cereals and fruits before we started our first energetic class.


For this event we got great support by our master trainer Antonia Westphal, Julia Legowska and Salva Oliva, who took care for sharing and passing useful knowledge with all their fire, inspiration, ideas and power.

Masterclass Julia

Also theoretical issues were discussed, like for example “cueing”, the structure of a Jumping session and many more questions about Jumping Fitness could be asked and discussed. After lunch there was a practical lesson for the trainers, where they could show their skills. After that our master trainers gave some feedback. At his point we would like to thank our lovely master trainer Sissi, who watched the class and helped the trainers with giving useful tips and advice.


In matters of “refreshing” we would also like to thank our sponsors Original Source and FOS Drinks! So this was definitely the most tasting and most smelling sport event ever 😉

All our trainers loved the natural, vegan shower gel without any animal experiment. So many thanks to Original Source, that you made it possible. And last but not least thank you a lot to Alexander Strauß and his team from FOS Drinks, that provided us with the refreshing and delicious BCAA-Drink FOS. Not to sweet and definitely refreshing!!

FOS Drinks

In the end of the day there is nothing left to say, but it was an amazing day with a lot of fun, great people, an inspiring atmosphere and new input and ideas. So at last we would like to thank all people supporting the event just because of their love to Jumping Fitness.

Thanks, thaaaanks, thaaaaank you so much!!

And of course THANKS to all the master trainers and the gorgeous people with positive vibes and energy!

What else is there to say??