A “party” in Holland

You really can call it a “Party”. Or better, “Jumping Party”. The people at Buiten Adem Sportfestival have been so crazy about Jumping, that all six sessions have been sold out quickly.


10 trampolines have been kept free for people coming spontaneously, but already after the second Jumping session it was not possible anymore. A lot of people wanted to be on a waiting list and after the third session all interested people needed to sign in immediately for the last Jumping session in the evening, because there was no other possibility. There was a short discussion, if it’s organisational possible to start a 7th round, but unfortunately it was not possible because of the plan of the festival. Some people were even standing next to the trampolines joining the Jumping classes.


It was a lot of fun for our Jumping Fitness instructors with all the lovely people, the amazing festival, that took place for the first time. We had a great time especially because all the people loved Jumping Fitness as much as we do!

And now as we know that our lovely neighbors from Holland love Jumping Fitness, it’s a pleasure for us coming back next year to the Buiten Adem Sportfestival.

And we promise to bring more trampolines for you! 😉

Many thanks to the organisation team Anne-Berit Harmsen and Colinda de Jong as well as thanks so much to all people jumping with us! You have been amazing! And last but not least, thank you so much, dear Selke Siering from Jumping Netherlands, who was responsible for this great event.