Practical innovation meets trendy sport accessory

What else do you need for Jumping except a trampoline? A lot of water? Definitely! Good vibes? Of course! What else? Correct! A towell! Here we would like to present a very special one!

Who of you doesn’t know the typical problems in the gym: Where to put the member card of the gym?Where to store the MP3-player? Which side of the towell did you use for drying your face? For all those and so many more questions and small gym problems the great team of THINKS designed an innovative and useful towell. This TOWELL+ turned out to be the most popular towell for sport activities within just a few months.

KOOPERATION Jumping Fitness und TOWELL+

This sport towell isn’t just looking great, but it’s very useful with all the extras. The modern and elegant towell is available in different colours. Its numerous details provide simple solutions for questions of the daily gym routine.

Why is TOWELL+ so special?

  • bag for storing trainings accessories
  • magnet clip for hanging up at fitness devices
  • protection for avoiding the towell to slide from fitness devices etc.
  • extra mobile case for fast access during the workout
  • side for fitness device and body: different towell sides for more hygiene when doing sports

KOOPERATION Jumping Fitness und TOWELL+

  • dimensions: 90 cm x 40 cm
  • weight: 300g
  • washability: washable at 60°, not suited for the dryer
  • material: the towell consists of 100% cotton.
  • magnet clip: made from synthetic leather and polyester
  • touch sensitive mesh: using mobile comfortable while remaining in the mesh

More information about this ultimate fitness accessory, about prices and all the creative brains behind this great product you find here.