Amazing weekend filled with Jumping

At first congratulations to all new Jumping Fitness trainers from Munich and Frechen!

Jumping Fitness Ausbildung Frechen

Jumping Fitness trainer’s education in Frechen with Sissi

After that there was a three hours Jumping Fitness Session in Holmesplace, Ostkreuz in Berlin.

And now everyone’s getting ready for next weekend, when we will be in Utrecht at Buiten Adam Sportsfestival with 40 trampolines.

For all Berlin people, you have the great chance to jump on the terrace of Holmes Place in Steglitz – 100 trampolines, 5 hours! Everyone who is signed in Jumping Fitness can register in this event and book a trampoline.

Many thanks to Stefan Heder, responsible for this marathon-tour, which will have a great and happy ending coming saturday!


Have a great time with Jumping Fitness!