Jumping Fitness KIDS is coming

For a long time a lot of Jumping Fitness trainer have been kept asking us, how about Jumping Fitness for kids? Some trainers with experience in training kids tested Jumping with kids before and of course both kids and parents have been pretty excited.

In short, the interest is huge, so that we decided with beginning of this year working out the details of an exact and especially effective concept for kids.

And now we are happy presenting our concept supported by Safs&Beta.

“Movement is fun!”

Jumping Fitness KIDS bei Nicole Rudolf in Lauffen am Neckar

Jumping Fitness KIDS at Fit with Nicole in Lauffen/Neckar

On 22.10.2016 we were starting our first Jumping Fitness KIDS trainer’s education in Berlin. This education is an additional module of our Jumping Fitness Basic training with a one day workshop. When Jumping with kids there is one big difference: fun is the most important aspect, but that’s no problem for Jumping Fitness! 🙂

Movement for the kids’ development

We divided three age groups depending on the kids’ physical and motor development: 5-8 years, 9-12 years and the teens from 13 years and asked ourselves:

How can we teach stamina, coordination, concentration and cooperation as well as stimulate their physical and mental abilities. How can we teach our kids some important things for life with having a lot of fun?

Learning with movement

All our work and research depending on different stages of development as well as various requirements concluded in one result:

Learning needs movement. Kids are learning with movement. Therefore we provide in our concept multifaceted examples for games and physical activities to improve health.       

Fun and taking responsibility does fit together!

Jumping Fitness KIDS bei Fit mit Nicole in Lauffen am Neckar

Jumping Fitness KIDS at Fit with Nicole in Lauffen/Neckar

Of course it’s important not to get injured, so explanations to use and functionality of the trampoline are focused.

But the most important aspects of all is having fun and showing the kids how exciting sport and movement is. The best evidence is the bright smile on the kid’s faces.


And even their parents had a great time 🙂