bellicon Rebounder

Durable and stackable


bellicon Jumping Pro.

Our rebounders have proven themselves in numerous tests and are used in thousands of fitness and health facilities. Thanks to our superior bungee technology, they offer dynamic elasticity with a super quiet bounce. The hexagonal functional design fits perfectly with the bellicon JUMPING concept. Manufactured in Germany, our rebounders meet high social and environmental standards. We attach great importance to durability and sustainability of all materials. Our textiles used are also certified according to the international Oeko-Tex standard by a neutral institute.

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• Strong and surprisingly lightweight frame that supports up to 440 pounds
• Frame about twice as high as conventional rebounders allows more space intensive exercises

• High stability thanks to careful welding of legs and frame
• Abrasion-resistant rubber caps with damping properties for a secure stand


• Hexagonal jumping surface for more space
• Mats made of durable polypropylene fabric with non-slip and anti-static surface

• Easily adjustable in height and provides extra safety and comfort
• Quick Release Lever: Patented handle mount with quick release for high loads and easy handling


 Advanced elastic bungee technology thanks to 20 years of research and development at bellicon
• Silent suspension system with 48 highly elastic synthetic bungees
• Special performance of the bungees due to polymer molecules that can be stretched more and more uniformly than in conventional rubber. It's a recyclable synthetic material more durable and also allergen-free with better elastic properties than rubber
• Small detail with a big effect: extension of maintenance intervals up to 400 course hours
• Patented suspension technology for easy change of bungees

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