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Quality is the key to success and the core of our DNA. The bellicon Academy was founded to educate fitness trainers and therapists about the benefits and extensive range of training and therapeutic possibilities that a bellicon rebounder can offer. In addition to the offers for fitness trainers, there are also special courses for the preventive and therapeutic use of the bellicon.

Trainer quality is key

Whether you are an instructor looking to boost your career or a gym owner looking to introduce rebounding classes. With us, instructors receive top-notch, scientifically-based training. Through regular quality controls and continuous training, they not only maintain their level of knowledge, but also constantly expand it. We have certified more than 12,000 instructors from over 1600 gyms worldwide.

Training Courses


Join our two-day training sessions with bellicon and dive deep into the world of fitness. Master the correct execution and teaching of steps, grasp the fundamentals of anatomy and music theory, and learn the intricacies of structuring a workout—from warm-up to cool-down and stretching. Upon successful exam completion, attendees will receive a comprehensive manual to guide their future endeavors.


bellicon JUMPING

The bellicon JUMPING training lays the foundation for high-quality, fitness-oriented courses. Students will gain an in-depth knowledge about the bellicon, training benefits, step techniques, musicality, and how to run a successful class. After graduation, trainers can enhance their education with workshops such as bellicon ADVANCED, HEALTH, INTERVALL, SHADOW- BOXER or KIDS for further specialization.


bellicon HEALTH

The bellicon HEALTH training is the essential basic training for health-oriented courses and is designed to teach courses for beginners, seniors and people with health issues. It includes a deep introduction to the bellicon and its various applications, the positive effects of training, step techniques and course design, basic knowledge of music theory as well as methodology, didactics and valuable tips for effective course instruction.



Join our one-day workshop: Dive deep with advanced training, enhance your trainer skills, master communication and corrective exercises, and gain the tools for dynamic group classes. Every participant receives a detailed manual, with a certificate awarded upon successful completion.


bellicon INTERVALL

The workshop provides the necessary knowledge to teach bellicon JUMPING courses according to the interval and circuit principle. Students will learn motivating communication techniques, training methods for advanced course participants, and strength based training exercises. 




The Jumping concept combined with the Shadowboxer fitness set provides a workout experience enhanced by energetic interval beats and simulated boxing moves. The training is highly effective yet gentle and trains back and core muscles. 

The bellicon ADVANCED, bellicon HEALTH and bellicon KIDS workshops for the US market are in preparation.

bellicon Academy Membership

Join the bellicon Academy for just $39/month and unlock valuable resources. Dive into our educational platform, stream endless videos via bellicon+, and rejuvenate with new choreographies and music. Stay updated with annual recertification and exclusive trainer events. Opt for tailored packages for up to 5 Academy memberships. Dive in and elevate your expertise!

No rebounder available for online training?

No problem! Instructors or gyms who don't have a bellicon rebounder yet have the possibility to rent a bellicon rebounder for a period of 3 months. The cost is only $99 for the entire term. Incl. shipping costs.


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