of beniro Business GmbH

  1. For beniro Business GmbH (herein after referred to as „Jumping Fitness“) the protection of your personal data is very important. Jumping Fitness collects, stores and uses personal data only according to the following statements concerning privacy.
  2. Jumping Fitness does not collect personal data from the user of the website without any permission or optional accordance. While surfing the website of Jumping Fitness, it is not necessary to leave any data.
  3. Concerning the online shop of Jumping Fitness, Jumping Fitness collects, stores and uses personal data only if needed for purpose of justification, arrangement of content or for porpose of any changes according to the contractual relationship with the user and for purpose of offering and clearing any contractual services. Therefore the user has to leave certain personal data like name and address during the order transaction in the online shop. Entering data is always optional.
  4. Collected and stored data by Jumping Fitness will not be transferred to any third party. For legal reasons or because of official regulations (e.g. through law enforcement of government agencies) Jumping Fitness can be obligated to inform responsible authorities about certain personal data.
  5. For making the website more user-friendly so-called „Cookies“ are used. These are small text files, that are archived in the user’s web browser and can be accessed from the browser again, e.g. in order to store certain pre-adjustment. Therefore Cookies are able to transfer information about the user’s surfing behaviour (e.g. selecting several websites in a row to the web server. There are two different types of Cookies: Session-Cookies, that are able to assign a incidentally generated identification number, which remains stored during the present session. After leaving the website the Cookies will be deleted again. Additionally there are Persistent-Cookies, that store the data also after visiting the website on the hard disk of the user’s computer and therefore enable an easier use of the website, because it is already adapted to the previous surfing behaviour of the user. The user can refuse the storage of Cookies through a corresponding setup of the user’s browser either in general or for some cases. Stored cookies can be always deleted in the browser. Jumping Fitness advises, that the function and use of the online shop may be limited when refusing Cookies.
  6. The website contains so-called „Facebook-Buttons“ (also called „Like-Buttons“). These are Social Plugins of the social network Facebook of Facebook Inc. located in the USA and accordingly of Facebook Ireland Limited located in Ireland. Facebook-Buttons can connect to Facebook and transer personal data to Facebook. Therefore personal data can also be transferred to the USA. Jumping Fitness itself does not have any knowledge concerning the transferred data. When clicking a Facebook-Button the Plugins are activated and there will be established a connection to the servers of Facebook. Thereby Facebook will be informed about the user’s visit at the Jumping Fitness website. Certain data, e.g. IP address, visited websites, date and time of the visit as well as further information concerning the browser will be transferred to Facebook. Jumping Fitness itself does not collect these data. If the user is logged in at Facebook while clicking the button, the visit of the website of Jumping Fitness will be related to the Facebook-Account of the user and is maybe visible in the chronicle or news and/or newsflash/messages. The user is able to reject the assignment of his/her visit to his/her Facebook-Account, when logging off from facebook before clicking the Facebook-Button. Details about type, range and purpose of collecting and storing data through Facebook via Like-Buttons are available within Facebooks’ guidelines of using data:, where are also further internal information about Facebook, e.g. at, with details about the collected data of Facebook via the Facebook-Button, their storage as well as adjustment possibilities for protecting the user’s privacy in Facebook.
  7. Furthermore the website contains so-called „Twitter-Buttons“. These are Plugins of the short message network Twitter Inc. located in the USA, where you can send short messages up to 140 characters with additional contents, e.g. photos, videos or links. When clicking a Twitter-Button the Plugins will be activated, and there will be established a connection to the Twitter servers. Thereby Twitter will be informed about the user’s visit at the Jumping Fitness website. Thereby personal data, e.g. the IP address of the user, can be transferred to states outside of Europe, e.g. to the USA and to any other states, in which Twitter is active. Jumping Fitness has no influence on possibly transferred data. Tweets are public. If the user is logged in at Twitter when clicking the Button, the visit of the Jumping Fitness website will be connected to the Twitter-Account of the user and the information about the website visit will be visible for other users or possibly for public. The user can refuse the assignment of the visit of the Jumping Fitness website to his/her Twitter-Account, when logging off from Twitter before clicking the „Twitter-Button“. Details about type, range and purpose of collecting and storing data through Twitter via Twitter-Buttons are available within Twitters’ guidelines of using data: with further details about collected data by Twitter, which use as well as adjustment possibilities of the Twitter-Account for a more private configuration of the tweets.
  8. The user has the right for free information, correction, blocking or deletion of the stored data from Jumping Fitness at any time, if it’s technically possible and reasonable. The request has to be addressed via post, fax or e-mail to Jumping Fitness. The current contact data you will find in the imprint.
  9. Responsible for any collection, storage and use of the data via the website as well as via the Jumping Fitness online shop is Jumping Fitness AG, Schönhauser Allee 36/39, 10435 Berlin. Status of privacy declaration: June 2015.